Mobile Responsiveness

Due to the nature of how module works (like Photoshop), the popups that’s width is more than 768px are not automatically responsive. If your Popup’s steps do not have a custom mobile layout, It automatically displays a scaled down version of the Desktop version of that step. This may work fine for smaller popups, but if your popup is more 700px, we suggest you to create a custom mobile layout.

Creating a custom layout for mobile is very easy and usually takes only a few seconds. To create a Custom Mobile layout for your Current campaign step, follow these steps:

  1. click the “Mobile” icon from the Editor and you will be taken to the Mobile layout Mode. If you did not add a custom Mobile layout, module will display a preview of how your Popup currently looks on mobile.
  2. Now you can customize the mobile popup like you did for the desktop one.
  3. Now resize and reposition your elements and you are done.

Now that you have a custom mobile layout, if you make an edit to your popup in future, be sure to also click the “Mobile” tab from the top and make the similar changes on mobile layout too.