Q. How to display Google Map in a Popup
A. Google Maps can provide us with a code that can be used in any website to display any map. Get Google Map Embed Code by IFRAME and add it to the TEXT element.

Q. How do I create a Full Width Popup?
A. You can import an existing full width popup preset skin or change the "Width and Height" of module by "100%"

Q. How do I change other font?
A. Insert a TEXT element, and from the Edit panel, open the “Font Family” dropdown and then choose a font you want.

Q. My Popup is not showing up. What do I do?
A. There are few things you can do if your popup is not showing up but it is supposed to:

  • First make sure your popup is indeed published and not set to “Unpublished, Trashed”.
  • Check your Popups visibility(Menu Assignment) and make sure your popup is not being filtered out on that specific page.
  • Open that page in an Incognito browser window and see if the popup shows up. If it does, that you can be sure that the popup is not being displayed on your current browser window because it has hit your Popup’s Frequency Settings.
  • Try clearing your Browser cache and see if it shows up. If you are using a Cache plugin, try clearing the cache of the plugin as well.
  • If it’s still not showing up, it could be a bug. In that case, shoot us a message through the Contact page.

Q. How do I open my popups with a button click?
A. Go to your Global Settings and click to the “Popup trigger” section and enable “On Click”. You can insert your button element’s class or id in the "Trigger Element" parameter.

Q. How do I make my popup available in multiple languages?
A. Joomla! comes with a language filter plugin, which enables the CMS to recognize the different installed languages and display only the content relevant to the current language.  So you just duplicate the module and assign each instance to a language.

Q. How to load an existing Joomla! module in a popup?
A. Here's how you can load and transform any existing Joomla! module into a popup with drag and drop the "Module" Element to the Viewport/Canvas.

Q. How to load an External Website in a popup?
A. Many people looking for solution, how to display the pages of another website without making "duplicated content". For this aim Joomla created a special type of module. Joomla Wrapper Module is intended for displaying third party material on your website in the iFrame. So you can drag and drop the "Module" Element to the Viewport/Canvas and select your Wrapper Module.