Various elements for all occasions

You can create Amazing Popup with easy to use interface and customizable elements like text, images, buttons, icons etc. You can drag and drop these elements to your campaign and then customize their looks and functions by changing their options.

This module is comes with 7+ elements:

1) Text

Let’s you add text in your Popup. You can customize the text with your fonts and change their color, size and apply lots of other modification. You can also make this element clickable by add HTML tags directly in the field.

2) Image

Let’s you add Image in your Popup. You are comfortable insert Images from Joomla media Library. You can add various effects and resize the images any way you want. You can also make the images clickable.

3) Icons

Let’s you add Custom Icons for design purpose. There are 1608 shapes that you can insert in your popup. Setting up your project with icons of FontAwesome is a breeze, and we keep pace as your needs change over time. You can also make this element clickable.

4) Button

You can easily add buttons to your Popups with this element. You make the button perform various types of actions when the visitors click the button(None, Open a Link,  Close the Popup)

5) Video

You can display Youtube, Vimeo or HTML5 videos with this Element.

6) Spacer

We have created a new Spacer Element which enables you to create a blank space between two Elements.

7) Group

You can use it to wrap other Elements inside it.