Settings Page

After successful installation of the extension, go to Content > Site Modules and Search for module name. If you don't find it in the modules page then click on the New button in the top left corner of the page and add the Module.

There are a few specific settings that you should use when using the module.

Parameters Options Description
Width [String] Set the width of the module in pixels or percentage. For example you can set 100% or 1200px.
Item size [String] Specify the size of each counter item.
Show on [Number]
This option can be used for setting breakpoints and it are the triggers in the module for how it responsive changes across device or viewport sizes.
Number format [None||commas||periods]
You can allow thousands to be separated by commas or periods.
Specifies the delay of the module. Default value is 100 milliseconds
Choose a skin80+ StylesWe provide 80+ Beautiful Styles for you choose. You can also feel free to custom style for your requirements.
Background,Color,Font family,Font size,Font weight,Text transform
Feel free to get creative with the parameters provided to create a great style of your own
Tag Class
The tag class attribute is used to specify a class for the module
You can add extra CSS into the module parameters easily without modifying any template CSS files.