How to create a new content

Are you a newcomer and have no idea how to create a Basic Content? This A-Z tutorial is absolutely for you! This detailed guide will show you how and where to start when making Basic Content.

  1. Log in to the Administrator back-end.
  2. You can go to the Module Manager in the Control Panel: Content → Modules or Extensions  Modules

After that, click on the 'New' button in the toolbar to create a new Module Item, or select a Module by clicking the Module's Title or check the 'check box' and click on the Edit button.

Now you are free to add, edit, remove a basic content.

Adding a new content

Click on the Add new item button in the data Panel

The New Item screen contains options for naming the content, editing content and selecting parameters.

  • Image: Set counter icon/image.
  • Name: First enter counter name.
  • Prefix: Enter the text in before of the number.
  • Start: Pick a starting number.
  • End: Pick a ending number.
  • Suffix: Enter the text in after of the number
  • Link: You can enter the link to the details page.
  • Target: You can open the link in the same window or in a new window.
  • Duration: Specifies the length of time in which an animated counting completes one cycle.
  • Primary color: The color used to style for each counter

Editing an existing content

Clicking on the "Edit" icon to allows editing an existing basic content

Remove a content

If you wish to remove an item on your basic content, you can click on the "Remove" icon

Clone a content

Choose the content item you want to duplicate and click "Duplicate" icon on the item.

To save your work: Click the Save toolbar button to save your changes. A green message will indicate that the module has been successfully saved.