Settings Page

After successful installation of the extension, go to Content > Site Modules and Search for module name. If you don't find it in the modules page then click on the New button in the top left corner of the page and add the Module.

There are a few specific settings that you should use when using the module.

Parameters Options Description
Select typeMenu || K2
You can select to render the items from joomla menu or K2 categories
Select Menu
Choose the name of menu (default is mainmenu)
Start Level
[Number]Level to start rendering the menu at
End Level
[Number]Level to stop rendering the menu at
Width [String] Set the width of the module in pixels or percentage. For example you can set 100% or 900px.
[Milliseconds]Specifies the speed of the item effect. Default value is 150 milliseconds
TriggerClick || MouseenterReveal sub-menu when user clicks or onmouseover a menu item
Default expanded[Number]Index of menu item that should be open by default. Ex: 1 or 2... (0 = Disable)
CollapsibleYES || NO

Allow collapse expanded menu item

Open Single
YES || NOOpen just one accordion at once
Save StateYES || NOYou can set up to save the state of menu.
Show CountYES || NOShow/Hide the amount of child menu item.
Preserve parent linkYES || NOYou can preserve parent link of menu item, so you can still click to go to the page of menu item
YES || NOSet animation for menu item
Menu Layout[List]Position your menu layout without limits.
Edit the StyleYES || NOIf you want to edit the style according to your requirements.